Monday, January 14, 2019

Help us pick exterior colors!

Happy 2019!

I thought this blog was gone and panicked and then found a link from another bungalow owner's site and it's still here. It is WAY overdue for an update! 

We can finally afford the energy-saving, CO2-reducing, forever-lasting, recyclable metal shingle roof we've wanted for years! It will be replacing overly old partly defective organic asphalt shingles and should be the last roof we buy, so costing a bit more works out fine.

WE NEED HELP on what to do about the dormers. They (matching one in back, plus the porch roof triangle) are white aluminum siding that is not aging well. The house originally had a darker scheme, and it might be nice to go back to something like that, more dignified, less screaming 'I HAVE A DORMER!'
Not sure if we'd want to just shingle it to match the roof, as it used to be. Some contrast is ok.

We were leaning toward green (steel from Kassel & Irons), ala:

Seems a bit too Lincoln-Log-y perhaps?

We are also considering red, ala:
Too Red-Roof-Inn-y? We think the original roof was red, based on scraps of shingle we have found on the ground around it, but aren't positive.

We don't want just boring brown/gray/black. I have a friend who did the white roof thing, which is the most heat-reflective, but would be a bit too much of a contrast with brown brick. There may be a tan option but it's the pricier aluminum instead of steel.

Please leave a comment if you have any thoughts!

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