Saturday, April 14, 2012

We are baaack!!!

Wow, I have 3 followers. So sorry to have been disappointing all of last year. We now have the hang of life in our 92 year old bungalow with our two kids and two bunnies and I will post more good stuff very soon.

We just had an energy audit on the place and have loooots of room for improvement. Details on
that next week.

The garden is already sprouting three kinds of lettuce, mustard greens, peas, oats and buckwheat (cover crops/for the bunnies). Also have garlic, carrots and parsley from last year. It's going to be an amazing growing season, if we can keep up against all the bugs and weeds that did not die off as much as usual over our unseasonably mild winter.

Early heads-up, the annual plant sale at Cheney Mansion in Oak Park will have tons of native plants. They usually do more veggies but the greenhouse is down for repairs so they are selling stock from Natural Garden Natives. Can't wait.

More VERY soon, with pix! (hey, what happened to, it just went away last year? bummer...)

Happy Spring, everyone.