Saturday, May 10, 2008

Still about the house...

No we didn't get eaten by the mice or move or anything. Just had blogging as less of a priority for a while there. Hoping to make up for that, but the photos may take longer to catch up.

We mostly did a lot of little things, like get a spiffy new oriental rug for the living room from Peerless Rugs on Lincoln near Wellington in Chicago. Great website and free shipping anywhere, too. It was a hand-knotted discontinued one that we just fell in love with and bought on the spot, a good deal, too.

We got a new Energy Star fridge for the basement, to replace the 20+ year old clunker that was near death.

I installed a built-in soap dispenser for the kitchen sink, to replace the non-working sprayer that was disconnected when we bought the house (and the current faucet doesn't even have a place TO connect it).

And we are in the process of switching kitchen cabinet handles, from bad 70's things to sort of retro, very similar to the handles on our built-in buffet. Photo soon.

Other unplanned things, like the hellish plumbing mess in the kitchen, have taken more time and been less fun. The sink got slower and slower and then plugged up and no amount of plunging, drain cleaner or even snaking would improve it. Then the plunging started bringing up metal flakes, like rusty granola or corn flakes, gobs of it. We took this as a bad sign and called a professional. They power rodded things and it seemed ok, but only for a couple days, then total clog and metal bits again. It seems there is some oddness with how the previous owners moved the sink from one all to the other 30 years ago and not too properly, so that nasty pipe bends prevent proper rodding and are collecting gunk. And our vent stack may be falling to bits, which would SO not be a good thing. Awaiting word from their conferring, estimating, etc. At least we have another sink in the basement in the mean time.

Next post on more fun things, gardening....