Saturday, March 06, 2010

So many to-do's not yet too-done

I unfortunately reread my short/medium/longterm house to-do list
from almost three years ago, and feel very unworthy as a houseblogger.

So far, we have taken down bathroom wallpaper, but still need to paint the temporarily white walls a cool color, probably something in the salmon vein.

Took down lace curtains in the living and dining rooms, leaving sheers, but still want blinds instead. Soon, I hope. We have a paint scheme in mind for later this year. At least we got a nifty blue oriental area rug, an 80-year-old quartersawn oak rocker (on ebay) and an art-glass ceiling light from Two Fish Art Glass in Forest Park--great folks!

The kitchen has been treated to a new light fixture and butcherblock cart.
The plan is for Marmoleum linoleum flooring to replace the scary '70's tile.

We have resolved our plumbing issues for now, with some serious rodding to the kitchen and bath drains and replacing the basement p-trap that sprang a leak.

The next major purchase may be a gas water heater, since ours is over 20 years old and barely hanging together. We are looking into tankless to see if it is justified. And it looks like a lot of new highly efficient products are just coming out, hopefully in time to take advantage of tax credits. Hoping to get enough research in before the old decides for us.

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