Thursday, March 22, 2007

Getting back on track for Spring

It was winter hibernation time. We did nothing to the house over the holidays except decorate in a minimalist way. Sorry for the lack of pictures to anyone actually reading this.

The spring to-do list begins, which will definitely take years...even though we don't have tasks as major as many bloggers, like moving walls. Yet. (This is mostly for my own thought organization after I woke up at 4 a.m. thinking about fixing the front porch.)

  • Front Hall: Shortterm-strip 70's wallpaper, patch plaster, paint.
    Longterm-Replace wood flooring (use it to patch elsewhere) with cool porcelain tile. A light in the closet would be nice.
  • Living Room: This and the dining room have barely been touched in 80+ years and that is a good thing.
    Shortterm-patch picture hook holes, paint. Take down lace curtains and replace shades with blinds I think. Get area rug.

    Longterm-Replace IKEA and hand-me-down furniture with cool Craftsman style items.
    Convert decorative fireplace to real (way longterm as it would mean moving the art
    glass window that is centered over it).
  • Dining Room: Short/medium term-paint, perhaps add Arts & Crafts style border above plate rail. Same window treatments as above. Replace 70's light with cool antique or reproduction fixture.
  • Bathroom: Shortterm-remove '80s floral wallpaper. Paint.
    Mediumterm-new toilet, light above medicine cabinet, ceiling light/fan.
    Longterm-The whole vintage thing, replace vanity, go back to original white with blue trim hex tile on floor that previous owner happily covered up. Restore bricked-up window. Better ceiling than suspended acoustic tile. Subway tile on walls, you name it.
  • Kitchen: Shortterm-Remove '70s wallpaper. Paint. Figure out floor covering to replace '70s tile/pile carpet. Same window approach as living/dining rooms. New cabinet handles/knobs. Replace fruit-themed leaded glass hanging light. Get cart/island. Remove leaky '70s dishwasher and replace with recycling bin cabinet (Yes, we really are retro, we wash dishes by hand).
    Mediumterm-Restore bricked-up window on west wall (not in the way of anything).
    Longterm-Again, the whole retro/vintage treatment, new cabinets, remove cornice, restore other bricked-up window, maybe vintage or Elmira Stove Works appliances when we have a LOT more money.
  • Master Bedroom: Shortterm-Replace green vinyl blinds with wood.
    Mediumterm-Figure out if we like the willow-patterned wallpaper on two walls. Maybe make other walls less white. Pull up carpet, refinish floors, get cool area rugs.
    Longterm-We'd Really like to expand the rear dormer (from smallish gable to
    full-width shed roof), to create a master suite with bath, and maybe rear balcony.
  • Second bedroom: Shortterm-patch wood floor where previous owner expanded closet door. Paint whatever bizarre color scheme our child demands including funky
    area rug. Refinish floor.
  • Third bedroom: Remove wallpaper. Otherwise, not sure yet.
  • Basement: Shortterm-resolve moisture issue in workroom.
    Mediumterm-Replace suspended ceiling panels with tin-look ones in finished part.

    Exterior saved for the next post....

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