Monday, August 14, 2006

Getting to know our new friend

As with everything, I read, research, delve into and so on, sometimes too much for my own good. We haven't even finished moving in, yet I have looked at most of Jane Powell's bungalow books, plus others. They are a great source of info on original details, and so on, but also make me more nuts about many aspects of our house. Like how the previous owner covered the rafter ends with aluminum and vinyl siding. Hard to justify tearing it off right now, though, when most of our possessions are still in boxes. Much '70's wallpaper to remove as well. Scary diagonal plaster cracks in several closets, which go with the sloping floors and doors that no longer close straight. Potential moisture issues at the ends of the basement, with its brick foundation. We are appreciating all its character. I have always loved older houses but lived in
'60's and '70's ones, except for three years during college in an 1891 two-flat that was pretty cool.

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